Hawan Therapy

Hawan Therapy

Healing Hawan Programme :- at your place

Hawans are not only a ritual but also therapy with a healing touch

A Hawan is a very scientific and Vedic ritual that cleanses the body, mind and soul along with the environment around you. It is also known to have therapeutic benefits. 

What we offer

The Pranav Urja team selects from a number of Hawans to meet your need. In the past we have performed Hawans for the following events -

  • Birthdays
  • Marriage & Anniversary
  • Inauguration of New Home & Office (Grah-Pravesh)
  • Festivals
  • Home purification
  • Other special occasions

The selected Hawan would incorporate various disciplines like the knowledge and wisdom of psychiatry.

The materials used are all natural and also have ayurvedic properties.

Depending on the disease special samagri can be used to enhance healing. Corresponding mantras and bhavs (feel) further enhance the effectiveness of the Hawan.

We offer cleansing Hawans to purify your environment. Often we see that a natural calamity or war and everyday hazards (eg. Pollution) leads to the spread of dangerous germs and bacteria in the atmosphere leading to a spate of diseases including eye flu and viral fever. The cleansing Hawan helps stop the spread of such diseases. There is a lot of scientific evidence to prove that the fumes arising from such a Hawan can kill the germs in our atmosphere and purify it. Hawan is also a process for healing the problems of the mind and solidify our emotional well being.

We arrange all the material for the Hawan except the home made sweet (Prasad). That is provided by you. We get the pure Cow Ghee from the Jaipur Gaushala, Mango wood (Samidha), Hawan Kund, Shankh, Ghanti, Majira, Dholak, Kalava and Moli from various sources and rest of the samagri from Haridwar.

Our Hawans are approximately one hour in duration. Preparations require an additional 15 to 20 minutes.


  • It is a step towards acquiring a completely healthy body, mind and soul. In reality it is the only way to cleanse the body, mind and soul and to ignite our soul power.
  • It is a procedure for eradicating inner imperfections prevalent in our being.
  • Our cleansing Hawans purify your environment by eliminating the dangerous bacteria and germs from hazards like Pollution or natural calamities.
  • Our Hawans are very interesting since we try to explain its purpose using scientific logic in language simple enough for even a child to understand.